Wood Burning Masonry Heaters

Barnham, West Sussex

The property is a converted village school house with open fireplaces and a central woodburning stove and brick surround located in the dining area.
The existing brick fire surround was demolished back to the wall and base of brick flue exposed for modification.
The flue was extended using clay flue liners to suit the base connection of the Masonry heater.
After completion of flue modifications the wall was rebuilt flush ready for the installation of the heater core.
The Core base started forming the ashdrop and bottom of the main Firebox.
The construction of the core completed and wrapped in Corregated expansion material.
The damper in place ready for building into flue connection at base of heater within external facade.
The exterior face brick facade started with projecting detail at sill of Firebox door and built in air supply door below.
The Face Brickwork completed detail around Air supply door and Firebox door.
The detail around bake oven door using bullnose bricks to form recessed reveals and arch head.
Capping formed with Brick-on-edge Bullnose detail .
Detail to side of heater forming small corner shelf and recess for logs with access door to flue for chimney sweep.
The heater installation complete side elevation showing simple black granite hearth in place..
Front elevation of heater installation.
Side elevation of Heater showing all doors open.
The heater being put through initial curing with small fire only, Curing process is carried out over 5 days to extract all the moisture from wet building operations and room humidity so that the heater is bought up to working temperature slowly rather than shock the structure.

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