Wood Burning Masonry Heaters


  • We are able to offer full consultancy on all projects and are happy to discuss all options with client's and their design teams.

  • If a site inspection is required to measure up or further discuss details of the installations before an order is placed we would make a nominal charge to cover transportation and expenses.

  • A full set of working drawings will be provided to the client, Architect or main contractor to ensure compliance and integration with the building structure.

  • Import and Delivery of all materials will be arranged including unloading and distribution on site.

  • Complete installation of the heater elements and any additional items instructed and integration with other trades on site.

  • Fully detailed instructions and training on the usage of the finished product.

  • Complete backing and warrantee from manufacturer.

  • Connection to the Masonry Heater Association

  • We also have all the necessary Accessories to compliment your Soapstone Heater.

For more information, contact us.