Wood Burning Masonry Heaters



    We moved into our new home in early 2010, and had already decided we wanted a Masonry heater from our experience of them in Germany. We were immediately impressed with the knowledge and assistance we got from Tim @ "The Stone Sun", being the only source available in the UK.

    After weeks of throwing ideas back and forth with the aid of photographs and CAD drawings we decided to open up most of the ground floor living space to accommodate the heater which sat snugly between the living room and Kitchen and after agreeing the project costs we were happy to arrange a site visit to finalise the details.

    Tim initially came and spent a day with us carrying out a full inspection of the site and finalising the drawings, helping us with other design issues around the property with his extensive knowledge of building structures. We gave the green light and couldn't wait for things to move forward.

    The project was very efficiently completed from order to firing up the heater using our local builder to carry out a lot of the preparation and finishing works to "The Stone Sun" specification which we were happy to have been given the option to do to save costs.

    We were very impressed with the attention given to our needs and the efficiency of the installation, we were still deciding on final details of the slate seating as the heater was being erected and Tim cut most of the slates for us which was not part of his quote.

    We now have a wonderful centrepiece to our living space which warms our home with ease and comfort and with the Bake Oven facing the Kitchen we are able to cook a wide variety of meals as well as fresh Bread (and drying socks, but not at the same time).

    We are more than happy to discuss and even show our heater to any potential clients of "The Stone Sun".


    David & Christine

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