Wood Burning Masonry Heaters

Barnham, West Sussex

  • The Old School house was fitted with a Metal wood burning stove in a brick fire surround which was insufficient for the heating requirements of the building and clients chose to install a new Masonry heater.

  • The installtion required complete removal of the existing brickwork and alterations to the existing flue for connection to the base of the new heater.

  • Carried out over a two week period the works were completed with minimal disruption to the household.

  • The client chose to keep the original idea of faced stock brickwork and this was detailed with projecting features and raked joints to give a rustic feel.

  • Complete with the optional bake oven this time directly above the main firebox as the heater is built into a corner.

  • Air supply is provided through a cast iron door below the main firebox which is shut when not in use.

  • A simple extension to the original hearth was carried out using a slab of black granite to finish off the installation.

  • The following details show the progression of this installation Barnham Installation.

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