Wood Burning Masonry Heaters

Drymen, Scotland

  • The Stone Sun, Second installation, due for completion July / Aug 2011 for clients, in conjunction with Thomas Robinson Architects and W&A Scott Builders, Balfron.

  • The Tempcast system has again been used for this installation, the main firebox door facing into the main living room and incorporating the Bake oven facing into the Kitchen.

  • The clients, Andrew and Sheila were keen to install an eco-friendly fireplace to their renovated open plan cottage living space and was project coordinated through local Architect Natasha.

  • The bungalow located in the popular village of Drymen has been totally stripped out with all the walls between kitchen, Living room and Dining room removed forming an open plan living space into which the heater was to become the central feature.

  • Working with the local building contractor the heater has been installed and finished in decorated render incorporating local Cathness stone features.

  • The existing chimney and massive fireplaces were removed along with the internal walls to increase the living space and new brick chimney with insulated stainless steel flue has been constructed next to the heater giving structural support to new steelwork at high level.

  • The works are still to be completed within the overall building contract due for completion end of July 2011.

  • The following details show the progression of this installation Drymen Installation.

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